talion (uncountable)

  1. retaliation
    • 1973: Simple talion may be fine for wartime, but politics between wars demands symmetry and a more elegant idea of justice, even to the point of masquerading, a bit decadently, as mercy. — Thomas Pynchon, Gravity"s Rainbow

6 letters in word "talion": A I L N O T.

Anagrams of talion:

Words found within talion:

ai ail ain ait al alit aloin alt alto an ani anil ant anti at in into io ion iota it ita la lain lant lat lati li lin lino lint lion lit lo loan loin lot lota loti na nail naoi nat nil nit no noil not nota notal oat oi oil oint on ta tai tail tain tali talon tan tao ti til tin to toil tola tolan ton tonal